Experience Luxe Driving with SHIFTIN’s Gear Shift Knobs for Lexus GS-300 GS-350 GS-450h and GSh Models

Experience Luxe Driving with SHIFTIN’s Gear Shift Knobs for Lexus GS-300 GS-350 GS-450h and GSh Models

When it comes to luxury vehicles like the Lexus GS series, every detail counts. For discerning drivers who own the Lexus GS 200t, GS-300, GS 350, and GS-450h model years 2016 to 2020, there's an exclusive upgrade awaiting you. Presenting SHIFTIN's meticulously designed aftermarket gear shift knobs that beautifully blend form with function, seamlessly elevating your driving experience.

Why SHIFTIN's Shift Knobs?

Tailored Luxury: Each shift knob from our collection is specially crafted to complement the elegance of the Lexus GS range. With options like the plush Rioja Red leather and the sporty Nuluxe Circuit Red Leather, there's something for every taste.
Surface Perfection: Beyond leather, our knobs come adorned with distinct surface patterns like contemporary carbon fiber, regal piano black, classic walnut wood, and sleek gray silver. Each pattern adds an individual personality to your car's interior.
Ergonomic Excellence: Driving comfort gets a boost with SHIFTIN’s ergonomically designed gear shifters. Our knobs are built not just for show but to enhance your gear-shifting experience.
A Breeze to Install: No fuss, no tools. Install your new knob by simply pulling down the boot-cover and twisting the knob clockwise. It’s a transformative upgrade done in moments.
Durable & Resilient: Constructed with wear-resistant leather and sturdy carbon fiber patterns, these knobs promise longevity that matches the durability of your Lexus.
Gift with a Difference: Looking for a standout gift for a Lexus owner? Our shift knobs are an excellent choice, adding luxury, functionality, and style to their drive.

    Elevate Every Journey

    Owning a Lexus is about appreciating superior design and impeccable performance. SHIFTIN’s aftermarket gear shift knobs offer the perfect accent, giving your Lexus GS an extra layer of sophistication.

    For those who recognize the essence of luxury, it's time to upgrade. Replace your worn-out gear shifter with a piece that not only looks good but feels exceptional. Dive into the world of SHIFTIN, and let every gear change be a statement of your refined taste.

    Shift into luxury. Upgrade with SHIFTIN. Explore our online store now.

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