The Ultimate Interior Upgrade: SHIFTIN's Aftermarket Gear Shift Knobs for Lexus IS Models (2014-2022)

The Ultimate Interior Upgrade: SHIFTIN's Aftermarket Gear Shift Knobs for Lexus IS Models (2014-2022)

Few experiences match the refined pleasure of driving a Lexus, especially the IS models ranging from 2014 to 2022. However, even the finest machines require a personal touch, an upgrade that transcends their luxury to uncharted territories. For the Lexus IS-200t, IS-250, IS-300, and IS-350, that upgrade is closer than you think.

Introducing SHIFTIN's exquisite line of aftermarket replacement gear shift knobs, designed with precision and passion for the discerning Lexus owner.

Why SHIFTIN's Gear Shift Knobs Stand Out:

1. Unrivaled Aesthetic Appeal: Whether your taste skews toward the boldness of Rioja Red leather, the classiness of Nuluxe Circuit Red Leather, or the sporty flair of Black Leather with Red Stitch, there’s something in our collection for everyone.

2. A Palette of Surfaces: The meticulous patterns, from modern carbon fiber and sleek piano black to rich walnut wood and understated gray silver, promise a look that’s both opulent and enduring.

3. Designed for Comfort: Beyond their undeniable beauty, these shift knobs are ergonomic masterpieces. Their design ensures that every gear shift is a seamless blend of tactile satisfaction and functional brilliance.

4. Hassle-Free Installation: Upgrades shouldn’t be chores. Our shift knobs can be effortlessly installed—pull, twist, snap—and you're set to relish a renewed driving experience.

5. Durability Meets Style: Constructed with wear-resistant leather and carbon fiber pattern surface, these knobs aren’t just about looks; they’re built to last.

For any Lexus IS owner who's experienced the aging or wear of their gear shift knob, SHIFTIN's offerings aren’t merely replacements—they're upgrades. These knobs bring out a new character from your car, blending seamlessly with the existing luxury and adding a touch of bespoke elegance.

But perhaps the greatest testament to their appeal is their versatility as gifts. Know a Lexus enthusiast? Gifting them one of SHIFTIN's gear shift knobs is a statement, a gesture that says you recognize and appreciate their love for finer things.

In an era where every driving experience is about making a statement, don’t let a worn-out gear shifter knob dilute the luxury of your Lexus IS. Opt for SHIFTIN and redefine every drive.

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