Upgrade Your Lexus GX 460 Driving Experience with SHIFTIN's Superior Gear Shift Knobs

Upgrade Your Lexus GX 460 Driving Experience with SHIFTIN's Superior Gear Shift Knobs

For the true automotive aficionado, every single detail matters. When you're driving a car as prestigious as the Lexus GX 460, particularly models from 2020 to 2023, every touchpoint should resonate with luxury and precision. SHIFTIN understands this passion and delivers with its line of high-quality aftermarket replacement gear shift knobs.

Why Upgrade with SHIFTIN's Gear Shift Knobs?

Superior Material Choices: Whether you’re captivated by the allure of Rioja Red leather or the finesse of Nuluxe Circuit Red Leather, our collection promises to satiate your desires. And for those with a discerning taste for something sportier, our Black Leather with Red Stitch is hard to overlook.

Aesthetics and Functionality Intertwined: Beyond just the tactile leather choices, each knob is further embellished with surfaces like the modern carbon fiber, classy piano black, traditional walnut wood, or the understated gray silver. These surfaces not only elevate aesthetics but promise long-lasting durability.

Effortless Installation: You don’t need to be a car expert to upgrade your vehicle with our shift knobs. Pull, twist, snap – and you're set! A quick and seamless way to transform your driving experience.

Ergonomic Brilliance: It’s not just about looks. The ergonomic design ensures that every gear shift is smooth, intuitive, and comfortable, enhancing every journey.

A Perfect Gift: Know a Lexus GX 460 enthusiast? Our shift knobs make for an excellent gift, offering both style and function.

Make Every Drive Memorable

With SHIFTIN’s aftermarket gear shift knobs, each drive in your Lexus GX 460 becomes an elevated experience. Whether replacing a worn-out knob or simply seeking a luxurious upgrade, SHIFTIN stands out as the clear choice for the discerning driver.

Dive into a world of luxury, precision, and style. Upgrade with SHIFTIN today.

Upgrade Your Lexus with SHIFTIN's Premium Gear Shift Knob

Introducing SHIFTIN’s aftermarket gear shift knob – the epitome of luxury tailored for your 2020-2023 Lexus GX 460. Experience the perfect blend of form, function, and elegance with every shift.

  • Luxurious Choices: From Rioja Red leather to the sporty Black Leather with Red Stitch.
  • Distinct Surface Patterns: Opt for modern carbon fiber or timeless walnut wood finishes.
  • User-friendly Installation: Pull, twist, snap! No tools or expert knowledge needed.
  • Ergonomically Designed: Ensuring comfortable and intuitive gear shifts.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Made with wear-resistant materials for longevity.

Perfect for Lexus GX 460 owners who appreciate the finer details and are seeking to rejuvenate or upgrade their vehicle's interior. Simply pull down the boot-cover, twist the knob clockwise to screw in, and snap back. It’s a transformative experience for both you and your car!

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